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I draw big tittied anime chicks.

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MoronSonOfBoron's News

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 11 hours ago

Drawing Patreon priority requests!

If you aren't a supporter on Patreon, you can still submit requests for public mailbag stream scheduled for Friday.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 9 days ago

Priority Stream featuring requests from patrons will be on the 26th (Wednesday)

Mailbag Stream featuring requests from the public mailbag will be on the 28th (Friday)


Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 1 month ago

February's mailbag is open for requests! Submit a request and valid e-mail, then tune in to the mailbag stream at the end of the month to see if yours gets picked to become a free 30-minute sketch.

You can skip the mailbag lottery by supporting me on Patreon. Priority tier patrons get a one-hour sketch streamed on a separate day, guaranteed.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 1 month ago

We ain't done yet. Come hang.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 1 month ago

Come on over.

Today is for streaming Patreon requests. The mailbag remains open until Friday!

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - December 31st, 2019

Read the full details on Patreon! Coming to Patreon and all art galleries in 2020: $1 access to all art previews and polls, including an expanded roster of monthly OCs and the Waifu Wall Tournament! As always, art is shared for free on deviantART and Newgrounds within a week of upload, so none if it is locked or paywalled - what you're missing out on is guaranteed streamed requests and participating in polls.

Happy New Year!

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - December 17th, 2019

Last mailbag of the year!

Supporters on Patreon can skip the mailbag lottery with monthly priority requests.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - December 13th, 2019

The stream is live, click here to go watch!

Support me on Patreon to lock in monthly requests. Everyone else can still take their chances on Tuesday's mailbag.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - December 11th, 2019

December Priority Stream on December 13

Support me on Patreon to lock in priority requests and skip the mailbag lottery.

December Mailbag Stream on December 17

Anyone can use Google Forms to submit a mailbag request. These requests are chosen by lottery.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - December 9th, 2019

Mailbag stream is live!

Support me on Patreon to skip the mailbag lottery.