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I draw big tittied anime chicks.

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MoronSonOfBoron's News

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 5 days ago

Ay, it's over! Come catch us some time in July for the next one!

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 12 days ago

June's request stream will be on Friday, the 21st, barring any mishaps.

Mailbag is open! Submit your requests via Google Forms.

Bookmark/follow my picarto if you haven't already!

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 1 month ago

Here's the link in case you didn't save it!

Stream's over, see you next month for June's request stream. Keep an eye on the gallery for uploads in the coming week!

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - 1 month ago

You can submit requests for the May 31 sketch stream using Google Forms!

A valid e-mail is required to verify your identity and also send you the completed sketch early so you don't have to wait for gallery uploads.

Patreon supporters at Priority tier or above can visit Patreon to submit their requests.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - May 1st, 2019

I've opened up a Discord for fans and patrons. Normally you would need to be a paying supporter to be invited - but for the next couple weeks I'm hosting an open house of sorts. You can meet other fans, ask me questions, and see old art and other things from me without having to pay.

Click here for temporary membership that lasts until you disconnect. You'll be able to chat, ask questions, see art, all that good stuff. This link expires after 100 uses, so use your time wisely!

You can read more about my Discord here.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - April 18th, 2019

I'll be at BABSCon all four days this weekend, mostly checking out tabletop and video games. If you're there, say hello to the red backpack and Trixie plush, you can score a free sketch or leftover 2017 postcards just for hanging out.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - April 13th, 2019

Stream is live! Visit picarto.tv/msob

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - April 11th, 2019

Visit Google Forms to submit your request for Saturday's sketch stream! A valid e-mail is required to identify you and also send you your sketch after the stream's done. You can enter garbage if you like but you won't get your sketch early.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - March 16th, 2019

Visit picarto.tv/msob for today's stream! Requests are picked by lottery so don't fret if you're late.

Posted by MoronSonOfBoron - March 12th, 2019

It's that time of month again: this Saturday, the 16th, from 10AM to 3PM PDT (that's UTC -7 now) visit picarto.tv/msob and leave a request in chat for a chance to have it drawn. I usually roll a dice to select from all the requests I've received, so don't fret if you're late. You can support me on patreon.com/msob to skip to the front of the line.